The Philadelphia Podcasting Society & Creative Arts Alliance

Kevin Gallagher

PPSCAA Front Page 1

Organizational Rebranding Formerly known as the Philadelphia Podcasting Society, we were charged with rebranding the organization as a more inclusive creative arts organization. Wanting to capitalize on the success of the past, it was decided to simply extend the name to the Philadelphia Podcasting Society & Creative Arts Alliance. We developed a new logo and a few marketing materials (a … Read More

Dork Side of the Force

Kevin Gallagher

Dork Side of the Force Front Page

Writing We provided a writer for FanSided’s Dork Side of the Force—a Star Wars news and opinions site. Our writer joined their writing team and joined their dedication to providing top-notch Star Wars news, views, and original content. With very little news and coverage of the comic book world side of the space franchise, our writer spearheaded that subject with news about upcoming releases and … Read More

Bam! Smack! POW!

Kevin Gallagher

Bam Smack Pow Front Page

Writing We provided a writer for FanSided’s Bam! Smack! POW!—a Superheroes and Comics news and opinions site. Our writer shared the dedication to providing top-notch Superheroes and Comics news, views, and original content. The writer specialized in longer-form opinion pieces and features that often looked at the news the rest of the site was sharing to help give life to the … Read More

Dark Knight News

Kevin Gallagher

Dark Knight News Front Page

Writing We provided a writer for Dark Knight News—a fan-based site dedicated to the iconic DC hero, Bruce Wayne / Batman. Sharing a love of The Dark Knight with DKN, our writer helped cover all Batman-related news in the world of film, comics, TV, merchandise, and art, and also provided reviews on several DC Comics related to Batman. We also helped introduce … Read More


Kevin Gallagher

Tellest Front Page

Web Site Maintenance As of Q4 of 2023, we have taken over maintenance of the Tellest website full-time. This includes weekly backups and WordPress management. Web Site Consulting We consult with Michael DeAngelo on changes to the Tellest website. Video Production Tellest has run several Kickstarters to launch several book series set in that fantasy world. The videos helped those … Read More

That’s Entertainment

Kevin Gallagher

Thats Entertainment Front Page

Web Design We designed That’s Entertainment as a pop-culture news and review site. With our design, we have incorporated opportunities for the site to generate income—from featured promotions that earn top dollar for the site to integrated ads that generate income on an ongoing basis. We also used targeted SEO to drive viewership up 200% from the previous year’s numbers. … Read More