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Web Design

We designed That’s Entertainment as a pop-culture news and review site. With our design, we have incorporated opportunities for the site to generate income—from featured promotions that earn top dollar for the site to integrated ads that generate income on an ongoing basis. We also used targeted SEO to drive viewership up 200% from the previous year’s numbers.

Writing Services

We provide ongoing writing services that include news, reviews, lists, and opinion pieces. While the strategy is creating compelling and engaging content, we also strategized which topics would attract the most views to maximize writers’ (both That’s Entertainment in-house writers and our freelance writers) time and interests.


While the podcast was active, we recorded, edited, produced, and distributed That’s Entertainment. We also saw an opportunity to take a section of the show—about ABC’s Once Upon a Time—and spin it off into its own show.

YouTube Channel

We took the existing content on the That’s Entertainment YouTube and rebranded their page to match the current website,  organized their videos into easily digestible playlists, and provided scripted videos for the page.

2023 Update

In Q1 of 2024, we’ll be working with That’s Entertainment to further strengthen the content on their site with more quality content that takes advantage of relevant pop culture/movies/TV/etc. at any given time; using targeted SEO to get the most out of each article. Also in 2024, we’ll be looking into relaunching the That’s Entertainment podcast, creating more YouTube videos, and growing the brand further.