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Organizational Rebranding

Formerly known as the Philadelphia Podcasting Society, we were charged with rebranding the organization as a more inclusive creative arts organization. Wanting to capitalize on the success of the past, it was decided to simply extend the name to the Philadelphia Podcasting Society & Creative Arts Alliance. We developed a new logo and a few marketing materials (a banner, pamphlets, etc.).

Live Events

Part of the rebranding phase included jumping into the new organization’s first public event, Fan Expo Philadelphia 2023. The weekend showed a successful launch of the new brand, attracting new members from the tri-state area, a 2000% increase in newsletter signups, and the successful production of two panels and a live podcast at the convention.

Web Design

We are currently designing the website for the Philadelphia Podcasting Society & Creative Arts Alliance as a place people can go to learn more about the organization, join and support the organization, and find out what events the PPSCAA is putting together.

2023 Update

Original plans were in place to try and put together a Performance Arts Festival in Q3/Q4 of 2023. Delays may push that potential event to Q1 of 2024, but we are still trying to get all the pieces to fall together for a Q4 Festival for the organization.