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Web Site Maintenance

As of Q4 of 2023, we have taken over maintenance of the Tellest website full-time. This includes weekly backups and WordPress management.

Web Site Consulting

We consult with Michael DeAngelo on changes to the Tellest website.

Video Production

Tellest has run several Kickstarters to launch several book series set in that fantasy world. The videos helped those crowdfunding projects reach success and books are still being released today.

Writing Services & World Building Consulting

We provided a writer who helped expand the world of Tellest by writing short stories and developing several characters. Those characters continue to be a mainstay within the world and are part of current-day stories. We also consult with Michael on those characters and newer entries within the world.

2023 Update

Part of taking over the maintenance in Q4 of 2023 was analyzing the site. In our findings, we discover that the current design leads to breaks in functionality when the site is properly maintained and updated. In Q1 of 2024, we will be designing a new site per the requirements of Michael DeAngelo while meeting today’s standards in design functionality.