Laughter as a Force for Good

Kevin Gallagher

HEADstrong Foundation logo

At the helm of the comedy festival organized by Starbird Media, we found a partner whose commitment to laughter and philanthropy was truly commendable. The collaboration with over 20 podcasts and the inclusion of more than 20 comedians created an unparalleled showcase of humor, uniting diverse talents under the banner of joy.

What set this festival apart was not just the laughter it generated but its profound impact. Starbird Media’s dedication to raising funds for the HEADstrong Foundation transformed humor into a force for good. The festival became a stage where comedians, podcasters, and the audience came together in support of our mission.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Starbird Media for orchestrating an event that not only entertained but also contributed to our ongoing efforts. Laughter, in this context, became a vehicle for change and a testament to the belief that joy can be a powerful force in making a positive difference in the world. We are privileged to have been part of this laughter-filled journey, and we look forward to future collaborations that continue to spread the healing power of humor.