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As a partner, you gain access to a premier storefront (Starbird Tees, launching in 2024) that showcases your unique custom apparel designs. What sets this partnership apart? Profit sharing. We believe in the success of our partners, and that's reflected in our shared revenue model.
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In 2024, we will be launching our very own t-shirt storefront—Starbird Tees. While we are hard at work putting together our own designs, we love working with other artists and IPs. If you're an artist interested in partnering with us to sell your art on our t-shirts and hoodies, read below and fill out the form linked below to get started.

And it's not only artists we're interested in working with, we'd love to work with your IP! Do you have a comic, podcast, game, or anything else that you think would look good on a shirt? We'll work with your existing images or work with our graphic designers to come up with a catchy new shirt.

Profit sharing isn't unique in the t-shirt business, but we believe what sets us apart in our shared revenue model is not only favorable payouts to our partners but also keeping the overall costs down for shoppers—many of whom will likely be your very own supporters!

Key Benefits:

👕 Storefront Spotlight: Feature your brand in the Starbird Tees storefront, reaching a diverse audience and amplifying your visibility.

💰 Profit Sharing: We're in this together. Enjoy a share of the profits from the sale of your custom apparel, creating a mutually beneficial partnership. We start payouts at $4 per shirt!

🛍️ Affordable Delight for Shoppers: Our shoppers, very likely your very own supporters, are our lifeblood and we have the ability to keep prices delightfully low for them. By partnering with us, you elevate their shopping experience by offering exclusive access to budget-friendly, high-quality products, fostering brand loyalty.

🌐 Online Presence: Leverage the power of an online platform without the hassle. Our storefront provides a hassle-free way to showcase and sell your designs.

🚀 Collaborative Growth: As your designs flourish, so does our partnership. Join us in creating a community where creativity thrives and success is shared.

Prepare to see your brand soar with Starbird Tees. Let's turn your designs into a profitable venture and embark on a journey of collaborative success.

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