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Quantum Quest

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    • Black Furnace Games
    • October 31, 2017

Web Design

Black Furnace Games wanted the site for their first game, Quantum Quest, to be their focal point in 2017. We developed and designed a simple site that showcases and explains what the game is. We also developed their newsletter using an existing infrastructure from the owner’s own newsletter for their book series.

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Kickstarter Campaign

Black Furnace Games ran a successful Kickstarter campaign (raising 266.95% above their goal!) and brought Quantum Quest to life. Part of that successful campaign relied on a video for the Kickstarter page that introduces potential backers to the game. We provided audio and video services, which included a sound engineer, director, director of photography, and editor.

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2023 Update

Quantum Quest has expanded over the years and with a new expansion currently being playtested, Black Furnace Games has plans on a site refresh, slated for 2024 Q1.