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Philadelphia Podcast Festival

Philadelphia Podcast Festival

    • Audio/Video Services, Podcast Services, Public Speaking
    • Audio Production & Editing, Audition, Event Planning, Live Podcast, Zoom H6
    • Philadelphia Podcasting Society & Creative Arts Alliance
    • July 28, 2019

Audio Services

Since 2017, we have assisted in running audio and recording shows at the Tattooed Mom venue for the Philadelphia Podcast Festival. We would ensure the shows ran on time and that they would get their audio files after the two-weekend festival.

Live Podcast

Since 2016, we have provided entertainment by booking Everything is Awesome at the festival. The hosts of the show would change up their format to a Late Night talk show style that included interviews with local guests, comedians doing a short set, and playing games with the guests and/or audience. We assisted Everything is Awesome in developing this “Late Night” version of the live show.