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2019 HEADstrong Comedy Festival

HEADstrong Comedy & Podcast Festival

Live Event

This was the third annual festival that Everything is Awesome came to us to help put together that raised money for a Cancer organization, though it was the first with the HEADstrong Foundation. Previous years were focused only on live podcasts at one venue (Tattooed Mom on South Street in Philadelphia, PA). Working with a local organization that supports families dealing with cancer in their family, we wanted to make an even bigger impact. We expanded the festival to include stand-up comedy and found three additional venues to support the increase in performances: MilkBoy South Street, South Street Cinema, and ThirstyDice. Across the four venues, we had 20+ podcasts and 20+ comedians perform and help raise over $1000 for the HEADstrong Foundation.

Audio Services

At Tattooed Mom, South Street Cinema, and ThirstyDice, we set up a sound system so performers could be heard throughout the venues and recorded all the audio so podcasts could use the recordings for their own feeds. At MilkBoy South Street, we utilized the pre-existing sound system and incorporated our own recording devices to capture the audio.