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Everything is Awesome is a long-form interview and conversational podcast that delves into a wide range of topics, featuring insightful discussions with notable guests from various fields. With a commitment to delivering engaging content and fostering meaningful conversations, Everything is Awesome has become a go-to destination for listeners seeking thought-provoking dialogue and entertainment.

Services Provided

  1. Podcast Services
    • Recording: Capturing high-quality audio recordings of each episode, ensuring clear sound and optimal production quality.
    • Editing: Professionally editing each episode to enhance clarity, flow, and overall listening experience.
    • Producing: Overseeing the production process from start to finish, ensuring seamless execution and timely delivery of episodes.
    • Booking Guests: Securing engaging and diverse guests for interviews, including recent bookings such as Ana Saia, Tonya Todd, Ben Beck, and Michael DeAngelo.
    • Hosting & Distribution: Providing reliable hosting and distribution services, making episodes easily accessible to listeners across various platforms.
    • Booking Live Shows: Arranging live show appearances, whether as standalone events or as part of festivals and conventions, including appearances at Fan Expo Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Podcast Festival, The HEADstrong Comedy Festival, and Wizard World.
  2. Live Events
    • Event Booking: Organizing and coordinating live events, ensuring smooth execution and an enjoyable experience for attendees.
    • Guest Booking: Securing guest appearances for live events, enhancing the overall entertainment value and engagement.
    • Recording, Editing & Producing: Recording live events and subsequent editing and production for podcast hosting and distribution, allowing fans to enjoy the live experience even after the event has ended.
  3. Web Services
    • Website Redesign: Conducting a complete website redesign to coincide with the relaunch of Everything is Awesome for Season 2, ensuring a modern and user-friendly online presence.
    • Hosting & Management: Providing ongoing hosting and management services for the website, ensuring reliability, security, and optimal performance.

With our comprehensive range of services, Everything is Awesome has been able to elevate its podcasting and live event experiences to new heights. From securing top-tier guests to delivering engaging content and managing a professional online presence, Starbird Media has played a pivotal role in helping Everything is Awesome achieve its goals and connect with audiences worldwide.