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With the formalities out of the way, let's get to your project! Which demo site do you want to go with?
Do you need email at your domain (example [email protected])? If so, we'll contact you about those additional costs.
With our demo sites, you get a free, responsive contact form. Do you need additional forms (ex: Employment Application, Booking Form, Registration Form, Survey, etc.)? If so, we'll contact you specifically about the details of your form(s) and those additional costs.
You'll be responsible for sending us your content. Content includes, but is not limited to: textual paragraphs, page-related images, social links and logo. We need at least 80% of all the content in our hands before building your website. Once you submit these questions, we'll send you an email and gather a little bit more information such as details on your domain name. We can also give you a call if you prefer.

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